Peter Wishnie
  • Peter Wishnie

While most podiatrists begin their careers working under the direction of a more experienced doctor, I’ve never worked for anyone else. In 32 years of being my own boss, I’ve had 25 consecutive years of an over seven-figure income.  During this time, I’ve discovered a passion for helping business owners find a better path forward.


Why Hire Me As Your Coach? 

My coaching sessions help podiatrists and other entrepreneurs scale their business to multiple seven figures while decreasing their work hours by 20% or more.  If you’re working long hours and not enjoying life, I can show you a proven method to make your business provide the life you desire and deserve.

I’ve been a Practice Management Consultant for Top Practices since 2012. I’m also the author of two books for podiatrists: 

  • The Podiatry Practice Business Solution (March 2020) 
  • Running a Successful Medical Practice Should Be a Dream Not a Nightmare (December 2018)

What You’ll Learn When You Work With Me

As a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, some of the many topics I’ve spoken on throughout my career include: 

  • Making Your Goals Work
  • Differences Between Good vs. Great Practices
  • How to Run a Practice-Without You Being There
  • A New Approach to Customer Service
  • Stop Micromanaging, Start Leading. 
  • Increasing Revenue Without Increasing Your Marketing Costs
  • Developing Your Dream Team
  • Interdepartmental Communication and Systems
  • Making More Money While Working Less
  • Leadership Is the Key to Success
  • Motivating Your Staff
  • How to Achieve All of Your Goals
  • Getting Your Customer, Patient, or Client to Say Yes
  • Knowing and Analyzing Your Key Numbers 
  • How to Stop the Outside Noise and Let Your Positive Inner Voice Be Heard
  • How to Increase Your Focus on What Is Really Important In Your Life
  • How to Get Your Business Ready For Your Exit
  • How to Get Your Precious Time Back