Podiatrists play a vital role in the healthcare industry by providing treatment and care for foot and ankle-related conditions. However, with the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and the increasing competition, it's crucial for podiatrists to expand their skill set and explore new business opportunities. This is where business coaching courses from Dr. Peter Wishnie came in. Coming from a 33-year-long successful career in podiatry, Dr. Wishnie can provide essential advice as a practice management consultant.

Discover how the Think Tank Course for Podiatrists can help you experience the regards of working less and making more. Learn all about this course from Dr. Wishnie and get in touch today to enroll!

What’s Covered in this Podiatry Think Tank

The Think Tank for Podiatrists from Dr. Wishnie is all about teaching managers and small business owners a few key concepts, including implementing the right systems and having the right mindset and leadership. Through several modules, this business coaching course is designed to improve the efficiency of your podiatry practice and empower every member of your team to perform to the best of their abilities. Let Dr. Wishnie bring his industry knowledge to your business, helping you make the right decisions and see real results through: