Stress simply kills.  The key in life is to make your life as stress free as possible.  That sometimes is easier said than done.  Successful business owners take risks, and with risks, come stress.  So, how do eliminate stress?

Eliminating Stress

Well, you don’t.  You just need to take the stress and make it an eustress.  Eustress is a good form of stress.  It is the stress that happens when your business is growing.  The key is to lighten up.  Don’t go to work already stressed.  Before entering the office, put a smile on.  Envision your day.  Picture the perfect day and make it happen.  It all starts with the doctor/owner.  If you come into the office all grumpy, then your staff will be grumpy too.

During the day, stressful situations will arise.  These situations are usually due to lack of organization, improperly trained staff, not educating your staff on how you want things done, or lack of protocols. 

Utilizing Your Team

The key for any of the above situations is to have a guide or a manual with a step by step cookbook of how things need to be done in your office.  If it is not written down, it will not happen.  If it is written down but the staff is not trained, it will not happen.  If the it is written down, the staff is trained but not constantly being retrained, and then it will happen but not consistently.  So, the key is to write everything down, train the staff on how it should be done, and then retrain them monthly, making sure there is consistency.  

Problems will come up every day.  Life is definitely not greener on the other side.  You could be working for someone else, but then you will become a prisoner to that person’s rules and regulations.  As a business owner you have a choice of how you want to practice.  Put a smile on your face as well as your staff’s and patient’s faces.  Enjoy the ride. Life is a journey, not a destination.

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