Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Dr. Peter Wishnie is the practice management consultant and business mindset coach you can trust to help your business grow and succeed. Discover how he can help your enterprise — get in touch today.

Scale Your Business to Get the Life You Deserve and Desire

Dr. Wishnie has taken the initiative to gain knowledge and learn how to run a business. As a result, he was able to build his practice into a multi-million dollar, multi-location practice. He now uses his experience to help other phenomenal doctors who have never been exposed to the information they need to scale their business and get the life they deserve and desire. 

Extensive Experience Leading Multiple 7 Figure Businesses 

Dr. Peter Wishnie, after buying podiatry practice many years ago, worked hard to turn it around and sold it in 2022 for $2 million more than he paid for it. During his time as an owner, he climbed out of a $300,000 debt hole.

Now working as a practice management consultant himself, Dr. Peter Wishnie helps business owners improve their situations — just like he did. These methods include:

  • Improving C-suite leadership
  • Keeping track of KPI metrics
  • Changing your business mindset
  • And more!

Free 30-Minute Consultation Calls

Not sure how to move forward? Dr. Wishnie offers a free 30-minute consultation call to help you get started. By building a relationship with clients, Dr. Wishnie helps them stay motivated, on-task, and moving forward to achieve long-term goals.

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Addressing Every Area of Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the struggles of running a podiatry practice? You are not alone! The system is not always fair, and it is certainly not what you signed up for. With countless changes and challenges, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, Dr. Wishnie's practice management consulting services can provide the guidance you need to take your practice to the next level, addressing all of the common frustrations and challenges to set you up for success. With the right help, you can make your practice the best it can possibly be.

As a practice management consultant, Dr. Wishnie takes on a three-pillar approach, working on creating robust systems, changing your business owner mindset, and upgrading your C-suite leadership.