As physicians, we are in a serious business.  We are responsible for so many lives and we are given the power to heal others.  Plus, being in a litigous society and dealing with staff issues, running a practice could become very stressful.  

I am not denying that being an owner of a medical practice is stressful, but walking around with a 100 pound weight on your shoulders is no way to go about your life.  It can only lead to burn out and depression, or anxiety.  So, I am suggesting for you to just lighten up.

Go about your day with a smile.  Remember, it takes more facial muscles to make a frown than a smile.  Stress kills.  Plus, your brain cannot come up with solutions and ideas while you are under stress.  I am also not saying that you should ignore your problems.  

By telling jokes, laughing, and smiling throughout the day, you will feel better, and make everyone else around you feel better.  Your staff will be more relaxed and will do a better job.  Your patients will like you better and will be more likely to follow your recommendations plus more likely to refer others.  

Now, of course there are just some days you don’t feel like smiling.  Hey doc, here is some news for you.  Your staff and patients truly don’t care.  It is all about them. You are the leader.  You are the one providing the service.  Do what I do in those situations.  I sit in my car at the office’s parking lot before coming into work and I put on a song that will get me smiling.  I also picture my day in my head and I make the picture a reality.  Do whatever it takes, but don’t come to work grouchy.

Your role is to make others smile and laugh.  Make your day a great one!

~Coach Peter

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